A Precious Prayer Request

I could really use some prayer support and encouragement right now. I have an 8 year old cat Naomi who is pretty much everything that makes me happy. She got really sick last week and it looked like an infection and kidney problem. This afternoon, her blood levels didn’t change so the vet did an ultrasound. It indicated an enlarged kidney. He did a radiograph. She’s got a stone in her right kidney and the kidney itself is really small, possibly non-functional. The left kidney is huge, probably making up for it. He took a urine culture. It will take 3-4 days to get it back. He is trying to see what specific antibiotic is needed. If and once he can fix the infection, then he can determine if the kidneys will return to normal or… basically if it is over. She is currently eating and drinking and using the litter. Pretty low on energy but still exhibiting a few signs of her personality. Best case is sounding like she would have fluid treatment the rest of her life.

I’m pretty much in just full meltdown mode. If I’m just waiting for the end, I don’t know how to get through it. And I have to focus on some important work things coming up this week, which may include having to be away Thursday night/Friday. And I’m simply going to be beside myself the whole time.

So basically I’m a wreck. I don’t even know how to pet her or hold her or hear her purr without being overcome but the deepest grief. I’ve got to figure out how to deal with the enormous expenses. And after everything I’ve been through I’m just crying out to Jesus for strength. To call on the grace and faith He has given me and not run away from it again in the face of more hardship. But most of all for healing for my baby girl.

I’m sorry if you aren’t a pet person and this all seems weird to you. But thank you all the same for lifting Naomi and I up in prayer.

A Precious Prayer Request

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