Interlude: Los Angeles

We rented a car for LA because public transport is not as extensive as we typically need. Trip Advisor came in handy to find things to do, because apart from spending tons at the theme parks, LA is a little lacking. But we started the morning on Hollywood Drive. Many stars were seen. I could’ve endlessly snapped some favorites and notables, but I forced myself to stop after a few. Took some shots of the notable Chinese Theater, with all the imprints of hands and feet in the courtyard. Overall, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the whole thing.

An online friend suggested we hike up Runyan Canyon, right off Hollywood. So we did. It was pretty tough but rewarding. Great views of the city and the ol’ HOLLYWOOD sign. I was told celeb sightings are pretty frequent, but I didn’t see any that I could tell. It was probably too hot for them.

Next, was the science center where the space shuttle Endeavour has made its home. Wow. This is definitely a standout moment. As much of a science and space nerd as I am, I could not believe I was seeing Endeavour with my own eyes. Up close. Make fun of me if you will, but I even got a little teary eyed. Absolutely stunning achievement in technology and science.

We popped over to the Colesium about 10 min too late, but the guard kindly gave us two minutes to run in and snap pictures. The day ended at the famous Griffith Observatory. Again, what a treat! Unfortunately, the main show was not running for maintenance and we were a bit too early to get to look through one of the telescopes, but the displays were more than enough.




Interlude: Los Angeles

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