West Coast Baseball Parks: Oakland Athletics

Wow, no offense to A’s fans, but this stadium is a dump. So much so when I asked one of the guest relations workers what there was to see, she said that if I wanted to see something, I should’ve gone to AT&T Park. O.co Field is the last of the stadiums serving both football and baseball. And just Sunday, there was a football game. The extra bleachers get piled in the parking lot. The field was not in great shape and the faint lines of the yard markers could be seen.

I did have epic seats though. And most excitedly, I got to see my Texas Rangers on the road! Lupka scored us front row right by the visitor dugout. I was giddy as a child to see the players so close. So pardon me if my photos are a little biased. At one point, I had a ball hit my hand thrown by the first base coach, but of course it bounced out of my palm and into the awaiting arms of the guy behind me.

The game lasted 3 hours and 40 min. The last inning made us Ranger fans a little nervous, but we pulled it out, aided by one of my favorite player’s, Mitch Moreland, home run! Got back to our room a little after midnight and on a 7:00 am shuttle to the airport bound for LA.




West Coast Baseball Parks: Oakland Athletics

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