Intolerant to Sin

Today the country is in a tizzy about the issue before the Supreme Court.  I’m not an eloquent debater, nor do I desire to pick a fight.  So here’s my remarks as they are.

I believe followers of Christ will soon begin to understand biblical persecution in this country.  Probably not on the level of defending our lives like in other countries where the gospel is forbidden, but still on a level we haven’t experience or can’t comprehend.  In biblical history, there was something remarkable about when a country deviated into rampant sexual sin.

Yes, we, the Church, have done a poor job of standing for truth.  It should have never been from the standpoint of what we are against, thus alienating our neighbors under a veil of intolerance and hate.  It should have and should always be from the standpoint of loving people toward Christ.  Our message is not one of hate.  We don’t oppose love.  Quite the contrary.  If we were making disciples as Christ commanded, we’d be showing the world love.  And love’s name is Jesus.

The Bible teaches us to obey the laws and leaders of the land–UNTIL they contradict the Word.  Then, the choice is clear.  You obey God’s Word.  And here is where the hard times are coming for Christians.  We’ll continue to be branded under shrouds of bigotry, opposed in increasing arenas of life, and reduced in the ways we are able to make an impact in society, including our ability to speak what we believe when it opposes the idea of freedom.

Are we ready for that?  Maybe not.  Maybe that’s why some “Christians” are willing to oppose the Word of God on moral issues.  To convince themselves that it is okay to bend the commands or interpret the meaning in such a way that sin becomes allowable.  That road is much easier to take than one that leads to opposition and persecution.  Oh, Church, do we underestimate the destructive power of sin so greatly and understand God’s grace so poorly?

We in the Church have been so deeply rooted in the idea of choice and rights and freedom, we’ve forgotten the price that was paid for us and set aside the fact that when we accepted Christ, we gave up those rights.  Sin profanes the cross-work of Christ, grieves the Holy Spirit, and brings judgment from God.

We absolutely must be intolerant of one thing:  sin.

Want to argue that Christians should not legislate our “Christian morals” on others?  Wrong!  We legislate all sorts of morals!  You can’t murder, steal, cheat, or falsify yourself.  All biblical commands.  And if you want to draw an arbitrary line, then just remember, everything may be permissible, but not everything is beneficial.  And there is a very clear biblical distinction when it comes to the morality of sex.  Sexual sin–whether it is adultery, homosexuality, an act outside of marriage–is portrayed as a very different offense.  Not only is it a sin against God, it is defaming your body.

As long as even the Church is divided by interpretations of the biblical truth of moral issues, we will irrevocably be headed in an out of control spiral of sin. God bless America?  No.  God blessed America. And we chose to turn on our back on him, like so many nations before.

Let us not wage an offensive attack against these so-called taboo issues.  The only way  the Church can make an impact in our country is to portray Christ with our lives and proclaim Him with our mouths.  He will do the heart work that is necessary.

It’s time to stop sitting on the side-lines as followers of Christ.  Each of us is called to be fishers of men, to take the gospel to the world around us and the world at large.  So let us show people Christ’s love and tell them of the salvation He gives.  It will take effort and time and energy and investment.  This is not something we can package or put into a program.  The kind of disciple-making Jesus commanded is so much more.  It’s about sharing the Word, showing the Word, teaching the Word, and serving the world.

Our God commands it and is worthy of it.  And His name will be proclaimed for it.

Intolerant to Sin