Learning and Processing

As little preconceptions that we tried to come in to this with, it is still nothing like we thought. Our greatest barriers are apathy and complacency. I the last two days, we’ve hit up so me popular local attractions, like the palace (which I think I mentioned last time), a beautiful gardens area, and a zoo. The white people are something of an attraction themselves. We’re asked to be in quite a few photos. It’s one of those things where you can choose to let it be awkward or just roll with it. For us, it gives us an opportunity to ask questions. The basics are questions like where are you from, what languages do you speak, are you Hindu or Muslim, etc? Being able to offer to take photos has been fairly effective as well. For our friends here, they need the kind of basic information we ask to determine the people groups that are in the area.


Today at the zoo, a young man walked with us the entire way. His English was okay. He considers himself non-religious. Jake took opportunities at the lions and snake house to tell him some bible stories, like the lion’s den and Moses staff turning into a snake and devouring the Pharaoh’s. It was hard to tell if he understood, but we hopefully got across that we believe God to be Creator. You can pray for this young man along with us.


Afterward, Charity wanted to shop to try and talk with some ladies. The thing is here, we can’t really talk to a vendor unless we intend to buy something, otherwise they are not interested in talking. In fact, we find it rather difficult to get past everyone wanting money from the white folks. Our “taxi” driver on the way back to the hotel ended up being Christian (Catholic). We had a nice visit with him on the drive. Speaking of Catholic, there is a church next to our hotel. Larry and Jake went to mass this morning and were invited by the nuns to come back to their healing house, where some terminally ill patients are.

I finished the Francis Chan book this morning. I really feel like it helped me breakthrough a barrier in understanding the Holy Spirit’s role in my life and in this. Today was much more relaxed. For some reason I felt a lot of pressure. I guess I expected to come in and at some point we would lead someone to Christ. And that may very well happen yet. It’s only the end of day 3. But if all we do is gather the information we and our friends need to more effectively minister to this area, then that is our role for now. That is why this is our vision trip. We will be spending time doing more prayerwalking in the next couple days. One place will be a market, another will be a poorer neighborhood that needs prayer support before our friends go in. Please make that your focus as well.

Learning and Processing

One thought on “Learning and Processing

  1. Jeanne Williams says:

    Your time there may be in planting seeds that others will harvest. Seed planting is sooo important. We don’t have to see or experience the harvest.

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