Complete the Task

God, You are sovereign over all creation.  You are worthy of all our worship.  May Your name truly be hallowed among all the nations.  God, in Your great mercy and love, You have given us this time in history to take Your Gospel message—Your redemption story—to all those who have not heard it.  From the very beginning, when You called out Abraham, Your plan was to make Your name known among the nations.  You have invited us to be a part of Your mission, so let us not waste our lives in meaningless pursuits any longer, but be radically changed toward completing the task and ushering the return of Christ!

God, this world is broken but You are still at work in Your sovereignty.  For the parts of the world that are closed to us, would You open doors and allow Your children to take the Gospel where it has not been heard.  God, Your church is under persecution in ways we cannot even fathom here in America, where our tribulations are little more than risking offending someone.  For those hidden places where our brothers and sisters are meeting in small groups, hungry for Your word, completely dependent on Your power in their lives, praising Your great name, and carrying on Your message to their families and friends, I pray for safety and for Your Spirit to fill those rooms so they fear nothing and know that death nor life nor rulers nor powers…nothing…can separate them from Your love.  God I pray that Your church will persevere through the persecution.  They may burn down buildings but the true foundation of Your church can never be destroyed; they may jail Your followers, but Your mission continues in prisons, and they may take lives, but as Your word says “For Your sake, we are being killed all the day long”. God by whatever means Your name is to be known, do it, for You are worthy of our very lives.

God in the places around the world where Your work is being done even in this very hour, I pray that You would go before every effort to connect with people of a different culture, to communicate the Gospel in their language, and to plant churches that they can then begin the journey of making disciples.  God through Your mighty works, would You show Yourself to the unreligious.  Lord, open paths for us to go to the remotest of tribal areas so that they can know who You are.  In the Hindu nations, would You help us to show them that You are the One and True God.  In the areas of the world where Buddhism is prevalent, will You help them to see the eternal security they seek can only be found in Christ alone.  And for the Muslim nations, God, would You help us find common ground and teach them with our lives and our love that Christ is the only way, truth and life. One day, Lord, Your Word says that every tribe, tongue, and nation will be represented before Your throne, seeing You in all Your glory, worshipping You.  You are truly worthy of nothing less, Lord.  As we pray daily for the peoples around the world–individually, as families, in small groups, and corporately–would You unite us in this one heart:  to bend our lives to You and complete Your mission.  Do this for Your name’s sake, Lord.  Thank You for the privilege to be involved, for there is no higher purpose.  We ask through Your Son, our Savior, Christ Jesus, Amen.

Complete the Task

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