How I Was Stalked By My Pastor

There are two things you need to know before I tell you about present-day events.

1. I watch too much “24” and other highly dramatized serial shows. I’m not apologizing for it. I love it! However, I am admitting that perhaps it has made me a bit paranoid in real life.

2. The subsequently described events have happened before, but for real. I described the event in a prior blog post, complete with also admitting to point #1 above. The point is, today was Grades Due day…so the fact that the following occurred put me on edge that maybe someone didn’t like the grade they got.

Read on…

So I’m pulling off Kanis into my neighborhood and a grey trunk proceeds to turn right behind me. I don’t know why (all I can do is refer you to point #1), but I immediately decided to roll through the stop sign and try to get up and around the corner. I turned off the loop into my part of the neighborhood, so did the follower. I turned right, again not stopping at the stop sign. So did he. At that point, I chose not to turn on my street and kept going around. The chances of being stalked would be 100% if the driver took all the same turns at that point. I turn left on to Timber Ridge and book it back to Atkins Dr. I then decide to go back toward Kanis Rd. Looking back in my mirror, the follower finally turned the opposite way, toward Markham Rd. I cleverly thought in my mind that the person knew at that point I was on to them following me.

Two seconds later, I get a phone call from Leslie, my worship pastor. “Hello?” I say. He replies, “You didn’t stop at any of those stop signs.” Wide-eyed and shocked, I yelled, “That was YOU?!?” I proceeded to tell him how I thought I was being followed and why (points #2). He said he figured that out at the point I turned back out of my neighborhood. We laughed and I returned home. The end.

How I Was Stalked By My Pastor

One thought on “How I Was Stalked By My Pastor

  1. In point#1 I know the feeling of the paranoia…It gets me too sometimes, the aftermath of watching the TV series "True Blood" but just like you, I'm not apologizing, 'cause I Love the show! lol. Your story of being stalked… It's really funny! I had a laugh… šŸ˜€

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