Day 1 with Kitty

Kitty is a little tooter, I’ll tell ya that. She is very playful…likes dangly toys more than rolly toys. She skitters across the floor back and forth. Right off the bat, if I would leave the living room, she would hide under the couch. When I’d come back and kneel down and tell her I was here and she would come out! She checked everything out cautiously, including my fireplace, where she got black soot on her nose. Ha ha. She is also quite the purr-er, which I LOVE!

We watched Fellowship of the Ring together, but I could tell sounds were kind of making her nervous, so I had it down more than normal. The heater coming on and just other house sounds still give her a little pause.

We started out the night with bedroom-only access. I moved the food, water, and litter in with me. She slept for about an hour in the crook of my arm. Then it was play time. Suddenly I heard her meow several times, so I turned on the light and she was laying a huge pile of poop down on the floor. Whoops! So even though I didn’t really want to, I made her a little pallet in the bathroom, gave her a night light, and moved everything in there. This morning she was sleeping on the little pallet. I was worried that she didn’t eat at all yesterday, but food was gone from the bowl this morning. 🙂

Most of the morning she sat with me and napped while I worked on the computer. She explores but only if I’m in the room. She now meows if she can’t find me. Awwwww. I wanted to test being away from home for a short time, so I went out to lunch for about an hour. Nothing was amiss when I got back, but I’m sure she meowed a lot like she does when she can’t find me.

As of afternoon, she hadn’t used the litterbox yet…there’s gotta be a little peepee somewhere. /sigh But I’m happy to say she just poopied in her box before I started typing this. And boy, does she pack a wallop! If she keeps going, maybe she’ll earn full house privileges sooner than I hoped.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. It’s fun and I’m happy, but also have some anxiety. I’ll come with a name soon, I hope. I’m terrible at it. No seriously. But I do like to name based on personality and characteristics, so if you have suggestions, feel free to share.

Day 1 with Kitty

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