I can honestly say one of the best purchases I made in the past year was the mini-season ticket plan for the Arkansas Travelers. I absolutely LOVE going out to Dickey-Stevens park! I bought a 10-game package with my friends and pastor Larry and Wanda Remington. We had great seats behind home plate. Though the Travs didn’t have a spectacular record this year (tied for last at the time of this posting), it is fun to watch. I always take my trusty scorebook–something of a hobby I guess.

I’d say the only thing that really gets on my nerves is the amount of advertising we are subjected to at the park. Between every pitch, it seems, and definitely every inning, everything possible is sponsored by someone. Foul balls that get hit out of the park are sponsored by a windshield repair company, strike-outs by a bank, fly outs by a restaurant at the River Market…I wouldn’t be surprised if pitch counts started getting sponsored! “That 2-2 pitch is brought to you by….” Bleh!

Well, I did take advantage of ONE promotion during the season. Every game I entered to try and win a seat upgrade. They have two nice, reclining chairs right behind home plate. I think it was our 6th or 7th game of the season and I finally won!

But I think the highlight of the season was Tuesday. As the promotional announcer guy (named Lance) walked by, I flagged him down and asked if my two friends could play the dizzy bat game. He said they already had a pair picked out, but asked if we wanted to clean the bases. WHAT?!?! Hecks yah! So in the 5th inning, when the field crew sweeps the infield dirt, we got to go out with some HUGE toothbrushes and scrub the bases! I really wanted to try to catch my favorite player and shake his hand, but he had already made it out to center field and I chickened out speaking to an infielder. I don’t know why…they were busy warming up and stuff. LOL.

I had my friend video it with my iPhone. No zoom, so I’m a little speck on 2nd base…but it’s fun to watch. Click this link: Cleaning the Bases!


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