What’s Crack-a-lacking? ME!!!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may recall I was bedridden a couple months back from a pulled neck muscle. The truth is, I’ve been going to a massage therapist for about a year now, on a regular basis, to try and loosen up that region. It feels great! But I just didn’t feel like it was treating the source of the problem. A friend was going to a chiropractor and so I started thinking about it. Won’t bore you with the “checking the insurance and information” details…suffice to say I went last Friday.

I really do think I’m getting the right treatment now. I wish I could have videoed what he did to me from my iPhone. He felt around my spine for a bit then took some observations. Then he started describing the symptoms I would be experiencing based on what he was feeling and seeing. He nailed it! I mean the tension headaches, the tight shoulders, the slightly forward way I hold my head…etc etc etc. Apparently my first and second vertebra are turned slightly, but in different directions. My thoracic region is slightly flattened, and my hips aren’t level. Geez!

Okay so the treatment starts. If you’ve never been, let me try to describe it. The doctor has you lay in different positions, places a majority of his weight on you, then without warning, snaps your head around. I was seriously and literally thinking to myself that I had walked for the last time. I just knew I’d be leaving paralyzed. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. But I’ve never experienced the combination of fear and relief at the same time. The combination is tantalizingly pleasing, like odd food combinations. I was definitely sore the rest of the day, and I have four weeks–at two times a week–to go.

He gave me some pointers about where to position my computer screen (because again, he knew it was sitting too low) and told me to ditch my wallet and go with a front pocket version. That’s hard to do because as long as I’ve had a wallet, it’s been in the back right pocket. Guys, you know how it is. Everything has a pocket. Keys and chapstick in the the right; iPhone in the left; wallet in the back. When my hand doesn’t feel it there, I’m in immediate panic mode. Still getting used to it.

I’m definitely looking forward to this…these daily tension headaches are the worst! Actually…I haven’t had one since Friday!

What’s Crack-a-lacking? ME!!!

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