How to Turn Around a Bad Day

It’s no surprise that August is about the most stressful time of year for me. This year is no exception. Enrollment is in full swing. Couple that with trying to hire a new full-time instructor–a first time experience for me–and it has been a long few weeks.

This year enrollment is BOOMING. I have traditionally scheduled about 120 seats in my classes here. Two days ago, I got final numbers and learned 200 students are coming! For the last two days, I’ve scrambled and had conversation after conversation with a dozen people to figure out how to create new classes, when they can be held, where they will be held, and who will teach them.

During this fiasco, I also had to finally tell one of my long-term part-time instructors he didn’t get the new full-time position. That was pretty rough because he really wanted it. I got home that night and had a letter from the city that parking wouldn’t be allowed on my street anymore due to “complaints and emergency vehicle access.” Okay, I don’t necessarily care about that but it just FELT like bad news after my day. And if it means my neighbors are going to start parking in their lawn more, then that will cause me to be pissy.

After that, I went to the gym, as typical, with Daniel. Pushed myself a little too hard on leg press and started feeling sick. I mean, no color in my face nauseous. I sat in the locker room and knew that the only thing that would make me feel better is, you guessed it, to throw up. So I did. I can’t STAND throwing up…but I did it.

Well, the next day was a little better. The schedule started coming together, but was still stressful. It’s been a long week. I got home and decided randomly that I wanted to make one of my “signature” things…so I made a chocolate creme brulee pie and took it to the Johnsons down the street. They were so surprised and grateful! It made me smile, which was really needed after two days of hectic stress. When I got home, I realized that was really a God moment. The only way to take the focus off my own troubles and stress was to do something kind for someone else. And it really did work!

How to Turn Around a Bad Day

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