A WTF kind of day…

The past 16 hours of my life have been completely bizarre. Let me regale you as the rain falls outside in the bright sunshine. (Ahh, summer heat showers…) Around 4 pm yesterday, my friend Daniel made me an energy drink, which I drank. Flash forward to bedtime, around 10 pm. I start to read, as usual, and do so for about 30 minutes before falling asleep. 15 minutes later my eyes pop back open. I toss for a bit, but every time my mind starts to slip off to sleep, something rather like a fail-safe jolts me back awake. I give up, turn the light back on, and continue reading. For 2 hours… Let me tell you that energy drink packed a wallop. I didn’t feel sleepy until about 1 am, which is finally when the pages of the book I was reading started to blur. Not to mention that during that time, I had to pee 3 times!

About 4 am I woke up again but this time for a literal jolt…of pain in my neck. From my right shoulder blade to my upper neck, every movement, toss, or turn sent a shock of pain across me. For the rest of my sleep I tried to stay still, but turning happens and I would wake back up from the pain. When it was finally time to get up, I could barely lift my head up the pain in my neck/shoulder muscle (also called the trapezius) hurt so bad. I immediately took ibuprofen and told myself if it didn’t get better I was going to the doctor. That’s how bad it hurts! I don’t go to the doctor. Not because I’m against them, but because I hate my insurance and have to shell out $400 before they even begin to pay anything.

I end up just going to work because sitting at home is doing nothing. No position is comfortable. Tried laying down, but to get back up just made it hurt worse. I call the doctor and get in for an 11 am appointment. In the meantime, the tension is growing in my neck tremendously from having to hold my head up.

I’m at the doctor’s office and he’s looking over my chart. I’ve been having neck tension for a while but can usually stretch it out. He said I must have tweaked it in my restless sleep from the energy drink. He suggests a muscle relaxer shot, a prescription, and possibly physical therapy!!!! WHAT?!? OMG, that shot was painful. But wait…there’s more. As he skims through my history, he asked why I didn’t have a physical last year. Just didn’t, I say. He then points out that I have a history of low white blood cell count, also known medically as leukopenia. He asks if he can have it checked again. I’m there…why not. Go in for neck pain; leave with leukopenia. All in a day’s work.

So far the shot has given me a little more range of motion. The Flexeril is kicking in…but neither are taking away the throb of holding my head up. So I’m gonna get off here and try to a comfortable position. Not likely….

A WTF kind of day…

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