Movie Trailers

There’s nothing like a good movie trailer to get you hyped up for a great story or a visually overwhelming experience on the silver screen. But I’ve come to realize that trailers are “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” (Sorry to those I just made choke with my verbiage.) Seriously. You want to see them to see what the movie is going to be about. Sometimes, that’s the only way I even KNOW about the movie.

The problem is trailers also tend to spoil the best parts of the movie, in which the movie ends up being a huge disappointment. You expect more of what you saw in the trailer, but all you get is what you saw in the trailer itself.

Two recent examples that were guilty of this: “Knowing” and “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. The first movie was about predicting all these disasters that were happening and starred Nicolas Cage. There were like four major things in the trailer that we saw, including an airplane crash and the apparent annihilation of New York City. And guess how many disasters the movie had? Yup…four. As the movie led up to the climactic event–the script told the viewer there was only one left–well we hadn’t seen the NYC disaster yet so you immediately knew it was coming. You know they aren’t going to stop it. No suspense.

Wolverine was the same way. All those cool mutants we’ve been dying to see that were never included in the original trilogy? Yah, pretty much what you see of them in the trailer is what you get in the movie. Including the fan-demanded and highly popular character Gambit. That’s it. No more. Literally seconds worth of cameo.

That brings me to this simply incredible, spectacular trailer of the upcoming movie “2012”. Playing on the myth that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 and thus spells the end of everything, Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, Day After Tomorrow) creates his next big end-of-the-world movie. I hope it doesn’t suck like Day After Tomorrow. I also hope these eye-popping shots of this trailer aren’t all we get. View at your own risk, I guess.

Movie Trailers

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