Admittedly, I watch my fair share of TV and movies. But I don’t think what happened to me today is entertainment-based paranoia. Let me explain.

I’m pulling out of the school’s parking lot today and a red SUV is behind me. He (or she) turns left onto Bowman behind me. That’s fine. 50/50 shot there. Get to Kanis. I turn left. He turns left. Now my eyebrow is raised in suspicion. Okay stop here. Who really thinks they are being followed just because of these facts I’ve told so far? I mean, I wasn’t fully serious about my consideration of being followed, to be honest. Until…

Going down Kanis, I turn on Point West. Red SUV turns on Point West. Now I’m serious about thinking I’m being followed. So I turn onto Point West Loop and book it around the loop. As I round the curve to get out of sight of the red SUV, they suddenly stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION! Who does that? Only people that don’t know which way to turn because they’ve LOST THE PERSON THEY ARE FOLLOWING!

I make it to my street and enter my garage, shutting the door immediately. Peering out the windows I never see the mysterious vehicle.

You may think I’m nuts…but given the couple of students I’ve had to deal with in the closing weeks of school taken together with the smallest percent chance someone leaving at the exact same time I am lives in the exact same neighborhood, one can never be too careful.


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