Admittedly, I watch my fair share of TV and movies. But I don’t think what happened to me today is entertainment-based paranoia. Let me explain.

I’m pulling out of the school’s parking lot today and a red SUV is behind me. He (or she) turns left onto Bowman behind me. That’s fine. 50/50 shot there. Get to Kanis. I turn left. He turns left. Now my eyebrow is raised in suspicion. Okay stop here. Who really thinks they are being followed just because of these facts I’ve told so far? I mean, I wasn’t fully serious about my consideration of being followed, to be honest. Until…

Going down Kanis, I turn on Point West. Red SUV turns on Point West. Now I’m serious about thinking I’m being followed. So I turn onto Point West Loop and book it around the loop. As I round the curve to get out of sight of the red SUV, they suddenly stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE INTERSECTION! Who does that? Only people that don’t know which way to turn because they’ve LOST THE PERSON THEY ARE FOLLOWING!

I make it to my street and enter my garage, shutting the door immediately. Peering out the windows I never see the mysterious vehicle.

You may think I’m nuts…but given the couple of students I’ve had to deal with in the closing weeks of school taken together with the smallest percent chance someone leaving at the exact same time I am lives in the exact same neighborhood, one can never be too careful.


TG(i)F: Trolley Good Friday

This story is funny enough to tell, but I hope it comes across as humorous as having experienced it. So Friday night, my BFF’s Johnny and Michael were going to go to a Travs game. We get there and the parking lots are full so we drive down to Main St. and park next to Creegan’s Irish Pub. We walk down to the field and it looks packed, but about that time a pilot friend of Johnny’s calls and says he’s laid-over in town and at the Flying Fish. So Johnny asks if it would be alright to skip the game and go meet up. Michael and I give him crap about it as we walk back to our cars.

We decide to ride the trolley over to the Rivermarket. As it is coming, we notice the sign says that we need correct change. I happen to have a dollar but the other boys don’t. So as the trolley is pulling in, Michael hauls it down to his car to get quarters. We get on and the trolley heads in the opposite direction we need. We end up looping around North Little Rock. Along the way, we see our friend John Willis at his job and wave. We arrive back to where we got on the trolley and head across the river to the Rivermarket.

Johnny decides he’s not sure if the trolley actually goes down to the Flying Fish, so we get off as soon as we cross the river. As we walk, the trolley passes us, arriving next to the Flying Fish before we do. Nice. Did I mention it is steamy humid out? Arriving to the restaurant, the place is packed with a line out the door. There’s no way we can squeeze in to meet his friend. So Johnny calls him up and says we’ll meet him next door at the Saucer. But wait! It’s closed for a private party. Guy at the door says go down and to the left for the “other door”. So we do. It’s a dead-end alley with no door. Jerk.

Michael and I decide Johnny is no longer in charge and we decide to head back to Creegan’s. Back to the trolley–oh wait, we don’t have correct change again. Guess we’re hoofing it all the way back to NLR. Michael suggests the new walking bridge (that used to be the old railroad bridge). We get there and it is still under construction. So we have to walk up past the State Convention Center and cross the driving bridge. Michael is complaining the whole way about not liking to sweat, while I’ll complain about having hiked across the two cities in flip-flops. Poor Johnny. Well we arrive back to NLR exactly where the evening started out and spend the rest of the evening at Creegan’s. And that was pretty much the craziest guy’s night we’ve had to date. But dang, Creegan’s has some good appetizers and it has a touch of class the Rivermarket lacks. Too bad we just didn’t start and stay there. Ha ha.

Good story.

TG(i)F: Trolley Good Friday


The age of creating mixes for the purposes of wooing a significant other are over, thankfully, but that doesn’t mean the perfect song doesn’t come along. I guess I’m still in some state of grief over the loss of Scamper. The denial is mostly over but I’ve moved into a questioning phase. Basically, I take it a day at a time and keep occupied with other things. Trying to find my way back to regular living, if you will. And that’s where the lyrics of a song by Red called “Ordinary World” come in.

Barring the fact the artist is talking about a lost love–as in a person–the first verse and chorus still strike me to my core as describing the state I’m pretty much in.

Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue,
thought I heard you talking softly.
I turned on the lights, the TV, and the radio,
but still I can’t escape the ghost of you.

What is happening to me, crazy, some would say.
Where is the life that I recognize, gone away.

And I won’t cry for yesterday–
there’s an ordinary world, somehow, I have to find.
And as I try to make my way to the ordinary world,
I will learn to survive.