Anyone who has been to my house knows I’m going with a Coca-Cola themed kitchen. Yes, I’m a guy and I have a theme. Let’s move past that now.

A while back I went antiquing and got some old replica trays, bottle openers, accessories, and a vintage wooden bottle case. Those products are now proudly displayed on my walls. Well, I decided it is time to add some more so I went to E-bay. Found some pretty cool stuff. First are some nifty potholders:

I held on to that bid for 3 days. Then there were 3 minutes left and I got outbid, so I waited until there was 15 seconds left and upped my bid and won them still at a pretty reasonable price.

What I was really excited about was finding a miniature replica set of Coca-Cola bottles and this cool belt buckle. Well, the sad part is I didn’t win either. Both of them got crazy expensive…over $40 I think it was. A little good news is I found the exact same bottle set on the official Coca-Cola store for $25. The belt buckle was a loss though. Maybe one will come up again.

A couple other interesting pieces were some old coaster with the advertising scheme they used in throughout the 30’s-50’s and a sign to advertise Coke for sale. I won both and they’ll nicely supplement the other displays on my wall.


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