Don’t Be THAT Guy (or Girl)

My buddy Alex linked me a website today. It’s a list of people who deserve to be punched in the face. I’d like to list the ones I would personally like removed from the gene pool.

#113 – The All Caps Typer

This is one of those annoyances I picked up while playing WoW. Seriously, there’s no need for it. It makes people’s eyes bleed.

#99 – Uncontrollable Chain Mail Forwarder

I’ve gone on record about this. I won’t again. The funny thing about the post on the site is the old lady in the picture. Seriously people, wisen up.

#96 – Ringtone DJ

When I’m calling students, I can’t stand it when–instead of a ring–a voice comes on and says “please enjoy this music while we connect your call.” Then the S hits the F. I want to hang up. Sometimes I do.

#89 – Reply-to-All Guy

I’ve been dealing with this for the past couple weeks at work. An announcement will go out and some shmuck hits reply-to-all for a statement meant just for the original sender. What’s worse, when I point out to the offender they shouldn’t do this, the response is either “just delete it and mind your own business” or “why?” /sigh

#86 – Movie Theater Text Messenger

I’m getting angry as I read this list. This is one of the biggest reasons I don’t go to theaters as much anymore. My system is so good and audiences are so bad, it is not worth the expense. I love it though. I mean, why are these people there if they are just going to text through the whole movie. The screen glare is completely distracting to everyone else.

#58 – Everything’s An Emergency Girl

Oh dear god. This one drives me crazy. I deal with so many students who think they are the only one who needs to register for class or has to have such-and-such by a certain time. Well, guess what…EVERYONE DOES. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

#34 – Slow Walker Sidewalk Blocker

Not just sidewalks, but hallways. Okay fine, I have a little more bounce in my step. And by the way, this is America, we walk to the RIGHT. No need to do the little dance when heading in the same direction.

Okay, there were some honorable mentions, but these are the ones that fired me up. Check out the site and see if any of them get you going and let us know.

Don’t Be THAT Guy (or Girl)

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