Digital TV Conversion Delayed

This is a tad bit frustrating. It is official, TV stations will not have to flip the switch to digital on the 17th. They still can if they want to, but it is not mandatory until June. Here’s my issue: these TV stations worked hard to get the equipment and facilities ready for this change. They have spammed commercials and ads and banners every 30 seconds for the last 8 months. The whole project has been in the works for three years.

The reasons cited for the delay are consumer confusion and that the government subsidy for the boxes ran out of money. Okay, the first reason is laughable. If consumers haven’t figured it out by now and taken the necessary steps, then the only thing that will push them into taking action will be for them to not have TV on the 17th. I ask you, will it not now be more confusing when the new ads and banners go up saying “just kidding about 2/17…you have until June now…”

I hope our Arkansas stations will go ahead and flip the switch on the 17th, for all the promotions and consumer education that has been going on. There are more important things for our government to be debating and voting on…

Digital TV Conversion Delayed

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