Upsetting Email

I got a forwarded email yesterday from a church member regarding the upcoming election. It upset me so much, I was shaking…and I had to sit on it a day before I responded to it. I just wanted to share what I wrote back in hopes that it will encourage my readers to reconsider passing along the smut that comes across your inbox.

I’m not going to lie….your email upset me. I had to sit on it a day before I responded. By forwarding it, you are saying you agree with what it is saying, which is “if you believe in prayer, you should be praying that Obama doesn’t win.” Then it backs up this claim with erroneous statements about his patriotism and faith. I pray for the direction of our country and I am voting for Barack Obama. Do I agree with everything on his platform? No.

But you should stop and consider what kind of damage you can do to relationships with your Christian family and your witness to unchurched. God is not a Republican; Satan is not a Democrat. Invite people to pray for our country and encourage them to go vote; and leave it at that.

Upsetting Email

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