The Last 48 Hours

There are many things I want to write about, so I’ll just fill you in on the previous 48 hours or so of my life. Where to begin?

Wednesday afternoon – It became apparent that there were some serious issues with an online exam for my chemistry students. I required them to use a special browser that protects the test while they take it. Top that with the incorrect time limit was given so most students didn’t finish and freaked out. The fairest thing I can do is re-open the test on a designated day and allow those who want to re-take it to do so. So frustrating…

Thursday morning – Met with the professors of the Toxicology department at UAMS. They are doing some fascinating drug dependency and behavioral studies. Fascinating! Would love to be a part of it. But…I can’t. The full professor whose group I’m interested in frowns upon even part-time employment. I realize getting a science doctorate requires extensive lab time. It is a unique program unlike any other doctorate. So I would basically have to quit everything and live on the fellowship stipend of $24,000. That’s not happening. I’m really okay with that, because in the end, I am happy. I just thought a PhD would open more doors when I’m ready to head back to analysis/research. May never be the top dog in a lab, but I can still get a lucrative job with a Master’s.

Thursday afternoon – Finally finished up the chimney repairs. It was supposed to be a simple screen install. Ended up not being so simple. And the secretary for the company kept calling the poor guy every couple of minutes reminding him of his next appointment. He started yelling and cussing. It was awkward. At the same time, the garage door repairman came. Oh yes, did I mention? My garage door broke Tuesday night. But THIS repair was covered by home warranty, thankfully. Saved me $400. As he was going over the door mechanisms, he noticed the safety switches that keep the door from closing on bodies were sitting on the opener–uninstalled. So he fixed those too. Garage door repairs were on my offer and the opener was replaced, so I thought it was a done deal. It’s another little fun surprise I got; another (pardon me) half-assed repair, like the chimney (which cost me $600).

Friday morning – Tying up as many current loose ends at school and about to go have lunch with my mom. Then some shopping for my weekend camping trip with the guys in my community group. Lupka, take care of my house! No wild parties!

The Last 48 Hours

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