Just in case you might be the one…

I had a fun conversation with a friend last night about stuff I don’t think about too much. And that is, what would be my most important aspects of a young woman I would consider marrying. Well, here they are, for the world to read.

1. Jesus. Come on, you knew the “Jesus” answer was gonna be first. But in all seriousness, what is most important to me is a woman who is mature in Christ. This is hard to qualify in words, but suffice to say, I don’t want to be with someone who I am constantly having to build up. That should be a mutual compliment in a relationship. In other words, she’s not on “spiritual milk” (to use Paul’s words).

2. Ambition. That word can evoke positive or negative connotations, so let it be clear I mean that in a positive way, not in a tear-down-anyone-to-achieve-my-goal way. I’m talking someone who has lofty goals, perhaps that I can partner with. College educated is a definite plus.

3. Adventure. This is the category where I talk about having similar interests. Though I rarely have the opportunity now, partnered with someone, I like the idea of driving two hours to see a musical or vacationing at an amusement park or going camping (real camping, mind you…not “living in a building in the woods”). Or the flip side, can be classy and sophisticated (if that’s the right word) when the occasion calls for it. Things that “build the team” as it were.

Please post your resume in comments. (That’s a joke, by the way.)

Just in case you might be the one…

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