A Rant About Advertising

It’s bad enough that you can’t watch TV, read a magazine, or drive down the road without being bombarded by advertisement, but do I really have to put up with it at home? I mean it is everywhere! Heck, even go to a baseball game and you’ll hear something to the tune of “this 3-2 pitch brought to you by [insert business]” or “that stolen base was sponsored by [another business].” Everywhere you turn in the stadium is a sign for something to buy. Now I know that many companies exist for the sole purpose of creating profit from advertisers. Network television is an example. They create content that we want to watch so they can charge money for ad slots. (Albiet, I haven’t watched a commercial in a while, thanks to DVR technology. Even if I’m home I wait to watch the show so I can fast forward.) The same is true of many internet companies. Google is a search engine, but it also generates ad revenue. And I agree to see the ads–maybe even click on one or two–in exchange for their free services.

But when I get home, I don’t want to deal with it. Which is why I usually don’t even answer the door when I see a salesman. I liken it to not picking up the phone when the caller ID tells me it is a telemarketer. What got me off on this rant was a couple of lawn treatment guys that came to my door. In my usual fashion, I didn’t answer. They left a note on my door that I have “mold dust” on my bushes and they could treat it. One, those bushes were just planted, and done so by my mother. So don’t tell me they have mold dust on them; I get a little defensive. Two, what in the HECK were they doing all up in my yard looking at my bushes to see the alleged dust?

Another time there was a note on my door that some air conditioning company had repaired my neighbor’s unit and asked if I’d like them to stop by my place, too. Apparently AC unit problems can be contagious because my fairly new one could use a little tune-up, according to them. It’s just fine thanks.

The Democrat-Gazette has graced my doorstep a time or two. Once, when the Sunday paper–which I never subscribed too by the way–was still sitting on my doorstep.

Tired of those credit card offers? Mark out your address and write RETURN TO SENDER on them and stick ’em back in the mail. Costs the company for the return trip. Get lots of spam email? Watch what you sign up for. I use a separate account for creating internet accounts and even then, I always make sure to uncheck “send me stuff” options, which are often checked by default.

Well, I’m off to Ohio tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll have some good things to say. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates throughout the day. The feed is also below my profile here on my blog.

A Rant About Advertising

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