Advanced Notice of Change

Oh no, I used the “c” word.  Well, in my tireless effort to become a Mac purist (actually it is just turning out that way more than anything) I am taking the plunge into the dreading change of email.  You’re probably like, wait that’s not so bad.  I need to refer you to the post about things in life in which I am a snob.  Email and productivity tools are a big one.  I’ve had Gmail and GCal for a loooooong time.  But it’s a little annoying to have to sync them to my computer, then to my iPhone.  To eliminate this step–and to have instantaneous syncing on all my devices (home, work, iphone)–I plan on subscribing to Apple’s new MobileMe.  This is currently known as .Mac.  I went ahead and signed up for a free trial of .Mac in order to claim a more respectable email, rather than a silly email.  (I’m sure people have claimed such addresses as and such.)

Well in my over-analyzing, OCD way, I’m trying to figure the best way to make the jump from Gmail to Mail without, namely, losing what I’ve got in Gmail.  I figure the best way is to make Gmail my new “sign up for stuff” email (like my Comcast account is for now) and stop using Comcast altogether.  It makes sense…web-based mail for web-based correspondence.  My new Mail will be my personal one.

As far as the calendering issue, the ability to add, edit, or otherwise change it from any device and have it apply to all instances of the calendar is GOLDEN to me.  The new service will also have photo sharing, but I’m pretty happy with Flickr.  It also has online storage, which I’ll find useful when I want to make documents on my Mac for work.  I’ve been emailing them to myself thus far.

Another thing that kind of stresses me is my home page.  Okay, so at this point you are laughing at me.  But Google has been my tried-and-true home page for a long time.  I’m still debating about this one.  It’s my favorite avenue of keeping up with RSS feeds from news sites and such.  Though my new Mail service will have that, I’m not a fan of reading articles that way.  We’ll just have to see on this one, but we don’t want to go changing too much too fast.  /big grin  Pretty sure I just talked myself into keeping it.

If you are still reading, I wrote all this to say, if you know me and you’re in my contacts, you’ll be needing to update my information soon.  Be on the lookout for my new address coming to an email near you.  (Obviously I’m not saying what it is on a public blog.)  And don’t forget….no spam allowed.  Ha ha…..  (I put the ha ha on there to lighten the mood, but I’m serious about that.  Okay, I’m done now.)

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Advanced Notice of Change

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