And Then There Was Two….

This is by no means going to be an insightful or well-written post about politics.  In fact, I’m such a noob at this sort of conversation, I’m a little embarrassed to post it.  But I’m gathering an increasing interest in political matters, so why not.  Okay, so now it is down to Obama and McCain.  Well I voted in my first primary this year and I think I’m going to see him through to the end.  I am, of course, speaking of Senator Barack Obama.  And here’s my reason, at the risk of oversimplifying the matter.

The economy is doing terrible.  Look no further than the corner street to see gas prices or re-visit the many stories about the housing market and job loss increase.  The fact is (and again, in my noobness, I’m probably oversimplifying the situation) the last time we had a growing economy was when a Democratic president was in office.  Which, by the way has only happened 3 times in the last 10 elections.  President Clinton, despite his moral choices, was a good president.  And I am willing to submit to the Democratic way of thinking to boost this economy again.  That means no stimulus checks and in the very least no more tax cuts, with the possibility of some increase.

Gas is obviously ridiculous.  About 75% of the problem is supply.  President Bush assured the people that oil would come flowing, paying for his war on terrorism.  Hasn’t happened.  Gotten worse, in fact.  Now I know the President cannot control supply, but he does have a measure of control over the other 25% of the problem, which is the value of the American dollar.  Back to the economy.

I admit I voted for President Bush both times.  Probably more on his moral issues than anything else.  But he lost sight of things and tried to spin one too many decisions in a light that just wasn’t true.  (Simplifying again, I mean come on, Osama Bin Laden, the known leader of 9/11 is in Afghanistan, so we attack Iraq.  What?)  His stimulus checks are not working because people are scared and are putting them in savings accounts.  I did my “patriotic” duty and spent it by the way.

We need a change in thinking when it comes to where we are overseas.  We need a new direction in the economy.  John McCain is Bush Jr. or the Third or whatever.  If you agree with the terrible state our country is in, let me ask you how you can justify voting for four more years of the same McBush philosophy? Want to see some stunning interviews of McCain? Watch this:

Now check this link out for Obama’s speech about his economic plan. It’s long but read it. Here’s a summary statement if you are just against reading it:

“This is the choice you will face in November. You can vote for John McCain, and see a continuation of Bush economic policies – more tax cuts to the wealthy, more corporate tax breaks [McCain voted for $1.2 billion tax cut to Exxon Mobile], more mountains of debt, and little to no relief for families struggling with the rising costs of everything from health care to a college education.”

Don’t give me any crap about Obama’s fact-or-fiction religious past or if this country is ready for an African American in the Oval Office.  (Though I’ll just say what everyone is thinking:  from time to time I don’t wonder about these bigot extremists and what they may try if he is elected.)  Look, there’s no such thing as a perfect candidate, so align yourself with who you get along with the most. For example, I’m not sure how keen I am on Dem’s views of gay marriage and stuff like that, but I also think that the government should not legislate our Christian morals. Anyway, there it is and that’s my opinion.  Comment or flame away.

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And Then There Was Two….

One thought on “And Then There Was Two….

  1. Ben i am so glad to hear all that. I have been showing everybody that video…it’s crazy. And from the beginning i too have been for Obama. And about his religious views, i got so pissed off recently. My uncle who is a southern baptist pastor was telling me at the dinner table why he wouldn’t ever vote for obama. He said he was muslim and couldn’t vote for a muslim president. HE”S NOT MUSLIM! Is what i said. Then he said “well he went to a muslim school and his parents are muslim” Ok for anyone who claims Christ, I’m sorry but to single this man out and say because he went to a certain school and his parents are of a certain religion that he is bound to those same choices, is completely unfair and wrong and not how God views it. I just think it’s ridiculous to say that Obama is a Muslim. Honestly to me, it’s just an excuse to some for not telling the real reason they aren’t voting for him…and yes i am insinuating b/c he’s black. Grow up! Anyways, great blog.

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