Looking on the Bright Side

So this week I had a root canal…my second.  Although I have dental insurance now, by the time this is all done, I’ll still be out of pocket around $1200-1500.  So much for the next home plans I had.  But oh well.  But as I noted on Twitter, this wasn’t a normal root canal (if they can be described as normal anyway).  I got home and threw up.  I couldn’t sit up for about six hours.  I eventually got up, ate a little, and sat outside to get some fresh air.  Then I went in to take a shower and noticed red patches all over my back.  So by this point I’m guessing I reacted to something, which is crazy because I’m not allergic to anything that I know of.  Fast forward next morning and I wake up with my throat a little tender.  Go to Walgreens and by spray.  Now it’s Thursday and I woke up with my left ear completely clogged.  As I also Twittered, I have super hearing for what’s going on inside my head.  Wow, this really sucks!  I’m so tired of not feeling well.  Between my tooth and now this, it’s been WEEKS!  At least my new mattress is already making an improvement on my back aches.  Holy crap, I’m getting old!  But God is good and He has given us remarkable knowledge and insight into the human body, giving us the ability to learn and treat problems.  So with a little Tylenol Cold, cough drops, ear drops, Ibuprofen, throat spray, orange juice, and a little TLC from my Creator….I am going to feel better, dang it!

P.S.  For the whole one or two people that read this, if you wouldn’t mind taking a second to click the “This Week in Photography” link on the right.  It goes to a blog for a podcast I listen to.  They are giving a way a super nice backup system called a Drobo.  I know, I know, fat chance of winning.  I don’t ever do this kind of thing, but that Drobo sure is nice.  Worth a shot; can’t win by not trying.  I promise the link is not malicious.  Thanks!

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Looking on the Bright Side

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