What the Puck?

Okay I just have to vent for a second. The Dallas Stars played spectacularly in Game 1 and 2 of the quarterfinal round for the 2008 Stanley Cup. Their power play game was top notch. It’s what they do best. They went up 2-0 for the series. Now they are back home for two games. An even better advantage, one would think. Apparently it doesn’t matter. I don’t want to use the cliche excuse that they were overconfident, so I’m just gonna break it down based on my limited knowledge of the game.

Handle the stinking puck! I swear they couldn’t pass the puck to save their lives! Players were losing it right out from under themselves. Turnovers all day, creating scoring opportunities for the Ducks. Poor passing! In fact, twice they had delay of game penalties. Those result from a defensive player purposefully or accidentally shooting the puck out of play. That’s right….they passed it completely out of the rink, over the glass, into the stands.

Finally in the third period they capitalized on two power play opportunities. But it was too late. 4 goals in the first 15:00 minutes of the game had already sealed it for the Ducks. And the Stars couldn’t get anything done during a double-minor power play near the end. Ouch, guys.

Only thing I can figure is God is punishing me for not going to community group tonight. Had I finished painting, cleaned up and gone, and watched the game later, they would probably have won. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway… My bad, Stars. My bad…

What the Puck?

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