First week back…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost Friday again already. It’s been a fairly interesting week. My first day back I had an irate student in my office protesting her absences. She claimed I did not allow her to enroll in a section that would not have conflicted with another course, so she had to enroll in the one she’s in. And now she has too many absences. Long story short, I checked the audit history on the section she claimed was closed and it never was. She simply enrolled in the wrong section.

You know, I really guess humans have always been “blameless.” It’s just absurd how far some people will go to make everyone else think it is not their fault, when they themselves know on the inside the truth. But maybe if they say it enough out loud that it isn’t, they’ll make themselves start to believe it. Which leads to the impression that everyone else believes it too. But how much more of a burden is it on your spirit to keep up the lies? Wouldn’t it simpler in the long run to just say “Crap, you’re right. My bad.” Then we can focus our energy on coming to a solution.

Well anyway, there are merely four weeks left to this semester. There’s still so much to do! But as one of my instructors said, the fact of the matter is when the day comes, it will be over, whether we finished or not. I’m really proud of my chemistry class. They are working hard and I’m getting a lot of affirmation as I see them “get it.” A&P is a little more awkward. Sometimes I feel really disconnected, like I’m not explaining things well, and that they aren’t making the connections to the big picture that is the human body. Either way I look forward to only leading online sections this fall. Which means I’ll be writing A&P for online this summer.

By the way, I finally signed up for Twitter. Check it out on the side column. Twitter is a “micro-blogger.” You can send a short text message via cell phone, IM, or by the website to let people know interesting tidbits about your day. To kind of fill in the gaps between main blogging, if you will. It’s pretty cool if you want to join up too.

First week back…

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