Week in Review

If ever there was a timely spring break, it was this one. Coming off Stations of the Cross, not to mention going nonstop at work since the semester began, has been very draining. The basketball games just started so I thought I’d talk a little about what I did this week.

Monday – A wonderful massage/hot stone therapy appointment. It was awesome. And if I have a Chi, it has been cleansed, I assure you.

Tuesday – My day trip to Memphis! I went with Micah, Karis, and Alex. We hit the Memphis zoo, geeked out at the Apple Store, and walked Beale Street. Excellent day out. Pics at Memphis Trip (I should see if there’s a way to embed them on this blog….)

Wednesday – Cleaned up the house. Bleh.

Thursday – Did some yard work, which I’m paying for today. [pauses to sneeze] Caused my desk to collapse (see Post #1), freaked out about my cat, and started a blog. I did go to Home Depot to get some yard supplies in the morning. Funny story. I was carrying a water hose nozzle while I looked around the garden area. Suddenly this old guy does this HUGE double take at me, staring at my hand. If only I had captured his face. He surely thought I had a gun. Too funny.

Friday – Tiled my bathroom with the help of Larry. The adhesive is drying; I’ll grout tomorrow. Already looking better. Larry is right–the best part is to look at it and say “I did that!”

So is anyone out there? Is this a boring read? I’m thinking to post more opinionated things as they come up day to day, not just a diary of events. But it’s a slow week. 🙂

Week in Review

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