Week in Review

If ever there was a timely spring break, it was this one. Coming off Stations of the Cross, not to mention going nonstop at work since the semester began, has been very draining. The basketball games just started so I thought I’d talk a little about what I did this week.

Monday – A wonderful massage/hot stone therapy appointment. It was awesome. And if I have a Chi, it has been cleansed, I assure you.

Tuesday – My day trip to Memphis! I went with Micah, Karis, and Alex. We hit the Memphis zoo, geeked out at the Apple Store, and walked Beale Street. Excellent day out. Pics at Memphis Trip (I should see if there’s a way to embed them on this blog….)

Wednesday – Cleaned up the house. Bleh.

Thursday – Did some yard work, which I’m paying for today. [pauses to sneeze] Caused my desk to collapse (see Post #1), freaked out about my cat, and started a blog. I did go to Home Depot to get some yard supplies in the morning. Funny story. I was carrying a water hose nozzle while I looked around the garden area. Suddenly this old guy does this HUGE double take at me, staring at my hand. If only I had captured his face. He surely thought I had a gun. Too funny.

Friday – Tiled my bathroom with the help of Larry. The adhesive is drying; I’ll grout tomorrow. Already looking better. Larry is right–the best part is to look at it and say “I did that!”

So is anyone out there? Is this a boring read? I’m thinking to post more opinionated things as they come up day to day, not just a diary of events. But it’s a slow week. 🙂

Week in Review

Post #1

I’m sitting in my kitchen typing this, my third attempt at blogging. I should be in my office room, but more on that in a minute. I decided to try blogging again because I’m starting to get rather active on YouTube and Flickr. Figured it would be cool to centralize my information for both sites. And those of you who know me know how anti-Facebook I am, so this is the next best thing. Of course, these kinds of things are meant to limit actual human interaction, right? That way we don’t have to actually talk. You can just come here and read what I’m up to, thinking about, or otherwise busy with. *sigh*

Okay, so why am I in my kitchen typing this rather than my office? Well I was having a pretty good day today. This being Thursday of Spring Break. Did some yard work this morning. Then I needed to clean up after Scamper because he’s been having potty issues. There’s particularly a place behind my desk that has been his new pee spot. I started to scoot the huge L-shaped desk I have when it suddenly broke at the corner and collapsed. Everything on my shelves fell out and my monitor and computer started sliding out. I caught the monitor. The almost empty cup of coffee went flying. It was very upsetting. Long story short, I moved all my comp stuff into the kitchen, called the furniture company and they are sending replacement parts. In the meantime, my office is a complete disaster. I couldn’t bring myself to clean it yet.

The second horrible part of my day was when I went to Petsmart. I had to get a “normal” litter box because the automatic scooper finally gave out. While in line, a magazine caught my eye with an article about how to deal with an aging cat. I started reading it and actually stepped out of line! It was describing CDS, aka Feline Alzheimers. At the risk of sounding like a hypochondriac, Scamper is exhibiting a lot of the symptoms. Meowing a lot at night, not using the litter, overly affectionate (or not at all), appetite changes, excessive sleeping, etc. The meowing and litter things I have definitely noticed. He also seems more underfoot than usual. But the thing is, it could be other things. The meowing just may be him begging at the backdoor again. The litter because that automatic box was getting pretty bad. He’s really always been affectionate. I don’t know. But the carpet messes and night meowing are getting really frustrating and if it is CDS, it won’t get better, which is a really scary thought….

Well, anyway. Check out my latest YouTube posting. It’s from Stations of the Cross 2008. It was in the “He is Risen” room. I wanted to use a major theme from Parkway Place and present a challenge to Christ-followers or not. I shot the footage and did the text graphics. Details on the video info. Enjoy!

Post #1